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F*** Cancer Tee

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We all know someone that has been affected cancer of some form. Below is the story of Persian Gulf War veteran Simone Roland. Let help her and other stand up to cancer with our love and support. With every purchase of this F*** Cancer tee the proceeds will go to help Simone Roland with her medical bills. Thank You!

Last month I took my very first mammogram and it came back as showing a lump. So, after another mammogram, ultrasound, biopsy, another mammogram, chest x-ray, cat-scan, meeting with the oncologists, surgeon, and plastic surgeon all within a 4 week time period... My diagnosis went from DCIS non-invasive to DCIS invasive when the second pathology report came back...An emotional rollercoaster basically.

Those that are really close to me know that I don't smoke, and probably only have 1 drink every year, if that. After talking to both sides of my family... There is no family history of cancer.
So, the question is how did I get cancer?

I had already knew that I was exposed to chemical warfare in the Persian Gulf, plus anthrax, and all the other shit we were exposed to over there.
So... My many conversations with my primary care doctor, who is now my best friend, who is also a Persian Gulf War veteran...Instructed me to register with the Persian Gulf War Registery, because apparently there has been a surge in Persian Gulf War veterans that are being diagnosed with breast cancer... This is both men and women and apparently they are not putting that information out there for veterans to go get tested.

So, its not a question of if I was going to get it... The question was, when it was going to show up. There is no doubt in my mind that I was exposed, and for 25 years it has always been in the back of my mind...I can remember a couple of times being exposed, going into what the military calls MOPP 4 when you don all of your protective gear, because they detected chemicals in the air.

So, I am asking all of you... If you know any Persian Gulf war Vet (that's the 1st war), insist they get tested, EVERY YEAR... Tell them my story... Hell give them my number I will tell them....Because early detection will save lives... I personally know some Gulf War vets that have cancer besides me... This is both men and women... And I am putting this out to anyone who can hear me.
#FuckCancer #Fightinglikeagirl #Godgotthis